Dealing With The Fall

Dealing with the fall….

We try so hard to “get over it” and we try so hard to “move on” and we try to do it FAST!!!! But one thing we don’t do is actually deal with it all. In fact most of us, me included, actually DWELL in it. We don’t deal with it, we dwell in it.

We wonder why God hasn’t fixed us or our situation. We wonder why God hasn’t made stuff better after being “patient” for so long. We think that because it’s been such and such weeks, or months or years that God is just not goin to fix it. This is our life now. And then what are we taught?? We are taught to accept our life and move. And thank God for what we get….

This was my mindset for YEEAARRSSS!!!! YEARS!! This is how I thought. I believe (and I STILL do believe) that everything that has happened was to Give God His Glory. It was to change ME and transform ME into the person that God had created me to become. It is something that HE even TOLD ME many many years ago. So through all the heartache and the worry and the fear and the changes in my mind, my heart, my soul, my spirit… I thought I was supposed to just accept it and deal with it until the season is over.

But I have learned, as of recently, that I cannot overlook the fall.

I wrote in a post a while ago (Emotional Detachment ) that I needed to finally FEEL. I had detached myself from my emotions for so long that I felt like I was numb. It was hard for me to feel emotions and to get emotional. I felt like I was a zombie. I was just getting through life and I was NOT living it.

But then one day….. I wanted to FEEL. I wanted to LIVE. I wanted to have emotions again. I wanted to feel like I was alive. Once I started feeling and allowing my emotions to come through and expose themselves… I quickly felt like that was a mistake.. lol. I was suddenly getting too emotional and suddenly I found myself with anxiety and feeling depressed. These emotions, I felt, were going to kill me. So then I felt I needed to move on!!

And now we have moved on so fast and so quickly that we never allowed ourselves to deal with the fall. And now we are stuck wondering how in the world do I get out of this funk?? How do I feel better?? Because I am soooooo over this or that… why aren’t I feeling better about myself?? Why aren’t I feeling better about my life?!

Because we never dealt with the fall.

We need to know… and really know… that God can and will use us in or pain.

Romans: 8:18 – For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. 

There is a purpose in our pain. And we should speak up about it. You don’t have to tell people your “business” or personal life. Trust me… I am very private myself. But give God His Glory. The Lord has you on a mission….. understand that. Everything you are going through, you will get through. Everything you are struggling with, you will overcome. Give Him Glory along the way. Let the world know what you are getting through because, trust me, as alone as you may feel, there are so many other people going through the exact same or similar circumstances as you are. And it feels pretty amazing (#sorrynotsorry) to know that you are not the only one going through this.

God will place people in your life that are SUPPOSED to be there!!! People that will be there forever and people that will be there for just a short time. People that will hurt you. People that will help you. People that will teach you a lesson. Through it all… He will work it out. He will ALWAYS work it out. Just have faith.

Deal with the fall. LIVE in HIM. You have to give Him your pain, your fear, your worry every single day. You have to purposely give it to Him. And it’s hard to do, trust me. It’s hard to do because then that means its one more thing that I have no control over. But you just have to.

And giving it to Him wont take away the pain. It wont minimize your worry. It may not even change your life at that moment… but it will give you PEACE. PEACE to keep going. PEACE to keep fighting. PEACE to CHOOSE LIFE. PEACE to CHOOSE JOY!! Because GOD’S GOT YOU. THAT is what He wants. For you to give it to Him.

So, deal with the fall… and allow Him to let everything good fall into place. Praise Him in the fall. Praise Him when you’re down and feel like you’re out!!! Thank God for the RISE. Thank God for the outcome that will have you in the place where you were always supposed to end up at.

Keep in mind…. it’s not how you start ————–> it’s how you finish. The PROMISE is greater than the problem.



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