**side note 07-18-18

you know…. for a long time i didnt understand THE WHY… I didnt understand how God can allow us to go through some really tough times. And even now… life is not ideal. lol. (if you only knew) … BUT… GOD!!!

One piece I want to share with you real quick… cuz its in me to tell someone this…
Change your attitude about your circumstances.
Change your thoughts from WHY GOD… to OK GOD.
Change your attitude towards all the happy (mostly fake) social media posts people share because NO ONE has a perfect life.
Change your attitude about people and how you feel alone because you think no one understands… Because you are NOT ALONE!!!

Change your attitude about HOW you are going to get through whatever is going on BECAUSE….. GOD!!

He knows EXACTLY what you are going through. HE knows WHY you are going through it. HE knows WHAT is going to happen next and HE knows where you will end up.

YOU!!! YOU need to TRUST in HIS PLAN. Be grateful and thankful that HE GOT YOU!!! TRUST THE PROCESS. TRUST HIS PLAN. And keep that worship!!! Praise Him for what you went through. Praise Him for what you are going through because you KNOW you will end up in a great place and Give Him His Glory!!! Because that miracle…HE DID THAT!!


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