New Things. New Mindset

Even though I grew up in the church, I still feel like I am brand new to the Word. I am brand new to learning to read the Bible. I am brand new to praying. I am brand new to all of it. I find new bible verses and lessons to study on a weekly basis. Sometimes I find verses that I have read over and over again but never really understood it. Sometimes I find verses and stories that I never knew existed. I am officially in my “late 30’s” so I have known and read and learned a lot of Bible. It’s interesting how the Lord knows how and when to reach out to us and teach us what we need to learn.

When it is time to learn or hear something, somehow, some way, we hear it. Some how, some way the message is given to us. I think that is one of the coolest things to ever happen in my life. JUST WHEN I need to hear a word, I hear it. JUST WHEN I need to see something to encourage me, I see it. And I know for a fact that happens to other people too.

Sometimes I feel this desperate NEED to share something, or say something.. and I don’t know WHY I have to do it, but I just KNOW that I do. And I feel I have to be obedient to what God is telling me, so I will share whatever it is that I need to share. And it never fails.. someone comes back and says… “I NEEDED TO HEAR THAT.” or “I NEEDED TO SEE THIS.” And then I feel this overwhelming feeling of gratitude and validation. He is still using me. And I am so blessed!!!

I shared on my Instagram page that I took a break from Facebook. I didn’t cancel my page or delete it or anything but I deleted the app from my phone. I have felt for so long that Facebook is sooooooooooooo toxic to my life. I stopped watching television because of the horrible stuff it shows. The news, the politics and these horrible reality shows are just ridiculous in this time. Yes, I still watch some shows, like my favorite Grey’s Anatomy. But most everything else… I can’t. And just like tv, Facebook has become the same for me. Toxic and just plain ridiculous.

I feel the need to distance myself from it because I have found myself getting so annoyed with people that I love and respect. People that I have called and considered friends…. I just can’t. And even sharing MY OWN opinions on MY OWN PERSONAL PRIVATE facebook page I get comments or questioned or ridiculed for this or that. And I really am continually being changed and transformed to what God wants me to be and its hard when I want to roll my eyes at people or want to comment back to defend myself or my opinions. And THAT is not who God wants me to be. I know it!!

So therefore….. I quit. I quit facebook. I quit trying to stay up on the social media. I love my Instagram and I love sharing my life and my kids and all of Gods miracles. I LOVE IT. Its so fun. And I can block and delete whoever the heck I want to without people even noticing. I love it. lol…

I need to concentrate on what God has planned for me. He has given me a lot of great words and a lot of work to do. I know what He wants ME to do… and I am still trying to discern and receive where HE will lead me to. SO… until then… catch me on the Insta and don’t expect me to respond on Facebook.

Keep moving forward. Keep hearing His voice. Keep your eyes on Him. He will lead the way!!

2 Corinthians 5:17
Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.


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