The Week Before …

The week before transplant.

The last 7 days have been some of the most intense and crazy day of this journey. I think over the last three years I have learned to manage and cope and deal with the stress of having a sick baby.

I am emotionally detached. I hide my fear and stress through the greatest and fakest smile. I isolated myself from the rest of the world because, although I know there are many mom’s out there dealing with the same thing or worse, I am all alone in this. Not even my husband understands all that is going on with me or our son. He also detaches himself from the reality of hospital life. He puts all hia time in work and extra “curricular activities”. 

Working up to next week has been so surreal. But I won’t believe it til I see it… hope for the best but expect the unplanned. I won’t believe it’s happening until the day of… 

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