The Decision to Fight

April 2014… we made the decision to fight! We weren’t going to listen to doctors or social workers or even family members and friends that said maybe we should just let “nature take its course”…We were guided into the direction of termination because IF our son even survives this pregnancy, he will be born with many complications and birth defects. And IF he even survives birth, IF he takes that first breath, IF he lives past the first few days, weeks or months, he will have many many problems and disabilities.

So what is a mother and father to do when you are faced with these odds?? What do you do? What do you believe?? What are you supposed to say to that??

We chose to fight. My husband and I, immediately after that horrible meeting being told to prepare for them to not survive this… we sat on our bed, “criss-cross applesauce”, directly in front of each other and just held hands. I asked him what he thought we should do. He said, “We fight.” He asked me what I think we should do, and I told him the same thing. We fight.

 We fight for our baby. We fight for our son. We fight for our family. Its what is Promised from God. His blessings. His miracles. 

We had to have FAITH, big or small, it doesn’t matter… we just had to have it. And we did. We had Faith. We HAVE faith. Faith is everything. The Lord, my God is my foundation. And Faith is all i needed. Faith is all i need. 

With Him all things are possible. That is how we chose to fight. 

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