Our big announcement 

The day we have been waiting for since I was pregnant with the twins is now coming true. We were told Matthew would not survive the pregnancy and he would most likely take Callia with him. We told doctors that, although grateful and confident in their God given skill, our faith was in God. HE decides our baby’s fate. And with Faith as small as a mustard seed, HE would move those mountains for us and make the IMPOSSIBLE possible!! And through so many ups and downs and fights and disappointments, the Lord paved our path to fulfill His Promise. 
I have always said that God places people in our lives for very specific reasons. He has blessed us with people to come in (and out) of our lives to help thru this journey. And I truly believe that our lives our planned even before we were all thought of. And that us how I feel about this friendship I have always had with Alicia Lopez . From day one on the job with RSO, she was there. She became a friend, a mentor and my FTO lol. Through the years we kept our friendship and we always knew it was special. But I had NO IDEA that God had made it that way. A few months back, God placed it on her heart to test for Matthew.  (I had no idea) Until a few weeks ago when she finally told me that this MAY happen. I didn’t want to get excited or think of the possibilities because, if you have been thru what we have been thru, we have to expect the best and prepare for the worst but Thank God for it all. And last week it was confirmed…..she is all PERFECT match for matthew. (THAT in itself was “expected” to be difficult…… but God!! HE knew. And I believe that He created both Alicia and Matthew to be just as they are. A perfect match. 
So… now we wait for his last immunization to be cleared (5more weeks) and today he is taking his last immune booster. Praise God!! 
Praying for surgery date towards the end of may. But we all know…. it will be in God’s time!! 

HUGE THANK YOU to Priscilla Zamudio for the amazing photos. Wait til you see the rest!!! So blessed she is jumping on this roller coaster with us to photograph and document everything. I’m so excited!! And special thanks to #indigrafix for the shirts!! So awesome!! 
Please keep both Matthew and Alicia in your prayers. May they both stay healthy and strong for this NEW journey!! In The Name of Jesus. Praise God!! 
Thank you all for your continued love support and prayers. We are far from over but this is the beginning of the end. I can’t help but just keep saying Praise God!!

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