Ending on a positive note

It has been over a month since I have written a good solid post on here. And I was really trying to figure out why I stopped writing. Why i took a break. And I finally figured it out last night. I try my hardest to end every post with a positive. I tell my story and say what needs to be said. If I’m complaining or if something bad happened then I will quickly vent all the bad out but I will try to flip that switch and be grateful for the hardship. I want to be grateful for the strength God gave me to get through that. I wanna be grateful that whatever bad happened is over so I want to end on a positive note. 

November was a rough month. It was a shocker to have had to deal with what we did. I will explain in a Matthew’s Miracles post later. But it was tough. It was scary. And i have learned that when the going gets tough I put my war face on and prepare for a good fight. It’s hard for me to socialize and smile and fake it to get through the day like I usually do. I retreat and isolate myself. I get to the battleground and handle business. And when it’s break time, I retreat and pray and strategize. And when its time to go back to battle, then I suit up and go. 

Thats pretty much how November was for me. I am here at the hospital about 90% of my time as it is and when Matthew gets sick it turns into 95%. But i am grateful it never turned into an overnight stay. 

So there it is… ending on a positive note. 😊

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