Year In Review

In July 2015, a journalist from Loma Linda University Children’s Hsopital wrote an article about our amazing and miraculous pregnancy. (Link to the story on our Made For A Miracle website here-> Miracle Twins )

Last week, I received a phone call from one of the Marketing Directors at the Children’s Hospital. She said that she wanted to include the twins update in the hospital’s annual Year In Review. There will be an article written about their latest update, a video montage and a big fairytale themed photo shoot in July. She also told me that they might even do a special thing at their annual Gala next year.

It was an amazing day today!! I was so happy and so excited that I was finally getting a chance to share the twins’ story. The miracle of my pregnancy and their miraculous fight for survival… To God Be The Glory.

I am so excited for the opportunity to give God His Glory. I am so excited that I get to reach people and give them hope. I get to tell about how Great God is. How He saved our twins, how He saved Matthew, how He spoke to me!!! It was ALL GOD!!!

I just hope and pray that I get what I need to get across and share all that I need and am supposed to share for the Honor and Glory of God.

So blessed.


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