Day Twelve of 2015

Day 12

written on  JANUARY 12, 2015

Day 12 of the year and we have made our first Emergency Room trip already. Yay us!! UGH!

This morning, I was holding my son after a long night of vomiting. Poor little thing. We got aggressive with his dialysis and to try and drain him better. Well, when we use the strong “juice”… it gets him dehydrated and nauseous. So this morning he was feeling sick. I was up with him all night and all morning.

Well, as I was holding him, his feeding finished. As you know, he has a feeding tube. So I disconnected the machine and his g-tube was dangling. Maybe I was tired… but I didn’t see the tube. As I was putting him down in the crib, my tummy pressed the tube against the crib. I put him down and out comes the g-tube and the balloon that goes in his belly. I FREAKED OUT!!! I see this little, clear balloon… on the bed…next to my son’s head…when I know it’s supposed to be IN HIS BELLY!!! I totally freaked out.

Luckily, my husband was in the room with me so he immediately went to the diaper bag and got the emergency catheter thing-a-ma-jig to put in his little belly hole. We don’t want his belly hole to close. So, as scary as it was, I slipped that catheter in his belly, placed some tape on it and off we were to the hospital. Thank God we have amazing family. Well… I should say, AMAZING in-laws!! My father in law came over immediately and babysat our 5 other kids…3 of them in school.. our 5yr old and my sons twin were at home. So my father in law is amazing!!!

So my husband rush an hour away to Loma Linda and go into the emergency room and tell them what happened. There were a whole bunch of sick people there!! Yes, it’s an emergency room, but still.. YUCK! I immediately covered Matthew up and I put a mask on. There was this really tall lady standing behind me in line, probably sick with the flu. And she, seriously was like, 5’9”.. I’m 5ft flat.. she was one of those types that just stands riiiiiiight behind you in line, as if one inch closer to the front of the line is going to help. I can hear her sniffling, coughing…snd wiping her nose with her shirt sleeve. It was so gross. I couldn’t help myself… all I could think of was..’ omg, I am going to get sick because of this grossly infectious woman behind me… then who will take care of Matthew?! Then what if he gets sick?!’ … so I was sooooo disgusted, I turned around and gave her this, ‘Are you kidding me?!’ look… then I looked at the masks and looked back at her. I was seriously trying to use my Jedi mind powers and tell her to put a darn mask on and to take a step back. She looked at me and got out of line to go ask security a question. I like to think my Jedi mind powers worked. =)

So, long story short… we got in, saw the doctor and she put the nelly bubble back into my son. This doctor that we saw was actually a doctor we had met a couple weeks prior. She was at the Kidney Clinic once and she was looking over my son for training. Apparently not many baby’s are on peritoneal dialysis. So, it was cool to see her again. She had a lot of questions and, just like everyone, is amazed at my son’s progress.

After a long day, we arrived home. Thank God. Our son was super cranky and restless. His twin was missing her daddy and her brother. As soon as we got home, I placed them both on a play mat together and there they were… holding each other’s hand, babbling their baby talk to each other. And both happy as can be. It was neat to witness. They played together and then fell asleep together. It was great.

So Day 12… its over now. We got through our first emergency room trip of 2015. We succeeded in our first belly bubble mishap. And I am proud of myself, knowing I did everything right. Yay me!!

Now, I am going to pour myself a glass of wine and pray the babies sleep through the night.. pray my son doesn’t have any low drains.. pray he doesn’t get sick.. and pray I get to sleep for more than 3 hours… doubtful… but I’ll let you know.

Good night and God Bless

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