Our Life…

Our life…

I have a Facebook page for my son Matthew. Its a group page called “Matthew’s Miracles…the journey home. ”  I made it so that people can see his updates..see God’s craft. Matthew is currently living with Chronic Kidney Disease. He was born with end stage renal disease. At three weeks old he started peritoneal dialysis. This entire ride, so far, has been a dramatic roller coaster. Not fun at ALL! !! However, my family, my husband and I have drawn so much closer to God! I am 34 years old and I grew up in the church… but I had only recently learned how to GIVE my entire life and heart to the Lord. And because of that…I have received PEACE!

So much has happened to our family. So much. Financially… employment… spiritually…

I’m going to let a lot out here… It’s about time I start letting people in with our Journey.

I know there are people out there that want us to fail.. if that’s you, sorry to say but it WON’T happen. But please.. keep reading and following along. Maybe YOU can receive a lesson or hopefully a blessing.

This page is strictly for ME. Me letting you go on this roller coaster ride with me. My opinions.. my beliefs.. my thoughts..

This first post was mostly an introduction of what’s to come. Whenever I get time, I’ll post a page of one of our many experiences… one of our battles… one of our accomplishments… and many of our Blessings.

God Bless You all

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