Exciting News.

I have been praying and praying and waiting and waiting… and the Lord finally moved me forward in this journey.

We have always said that we need to Be Still and Be Patient… and, for the most part, I think I have. I think I have done a decent job at waiting in this wilderness. I know I have often wondered when I am going to move out of this wilderness. Wondered when I get to move forward. Wondering if I am ready to take the next step.

Baby steps… that’s all I have been taking. Baby steps. I didn’t want to move too fast because I noticed that I get easily overwhelmed when something bad happens. But I didn’t want to move too slow either because then I would lose interest and lose the point of moving in a specific direction. I was just a mess. And it was all just so draining. Life has been exhausting…

Just a few months ago I was able to finally take a breath. I was able to breathe. I didn’t know how long I was going to be able to breathe again but I was doing it. And it felt so good and refreshing. And then I started feeling like I was ready to work. I was really really ready. I was ready to start moving and going out and working on what I needed to work on.

We did a mother’s day thing for Made For a Miracle and we started to get busy with that again. But then came our family move. We up and moved the whole family to a completely different part of Southern California. Closer to my hometown but still far away from everyone. And far away from the community which we volunteer in… and where our kids grew up in. It was hard but it had to be done.

I love where we live now. It is a very different lifestyle than from where we came from. I am a natural born city girl so this new area is great. We live just outside of Temecula. So we got hills and valleys of wine close by. (Yay me!!) And the school districts out here… wow! Every day, the schools serve fresh fruit and veggies. They serve breakfast for the kids in their classrooms. During breaks and recess, they offer free snacks for the kids and there is a chef at each school to provide the best and freshest lunch for each student. I had never heard of a school to have all that for their students…. at least not a public school.

So I am officially a stay at home mom now. Every kid in the house is in school. I even have one in college. So I am here at home doing mom stuff. And when I am done with morning mom stuff, then I start working on my book and this blog. I try and email whomever I need to email. And then I go back to the schools and pick everyone up. Then comes homework, then dinner, then baths, then bedtime. I am actually kind of loving my new routine. I never thought I would be doing all of this but, I am. And I am liking it.

But soon….. I am so excited to share…. soon, I will be making a new gig part of this routine. I am now officially a council member of the Children’s Hospital Advisory Council. It became official this week. I have been keeping this tight lipped because I was still in the process of being accepted. Like any other important job, there is a long process to get approved. And this week, was official. I now have an official chair at the important table. I feel so incredibly blessed. Everything that God has shown me… everything He Promised me… everything He said would happen… is happening right now. And I am more than eager to jump right in.

This past Tuesday was my very first meeting that I attended as a council member. And then the Lord placed some important pieces in my life together. For the first time, the NICU director and NICU nurse manager, came to the meeting. I just knew… this was ALL GOD!! All we ever have to do is believe… no matter how crazy something sounds… and if it is in God’s Plan, He will put it all together. And that is exactly what He is doing.

The three of us spoke after the council meeting and discussed ways they wanted to further grow and support the NICU. Of course, with my background and everything I do with Made For A Miracle , I told them all my ideas and hopes and dreams for what kind of NICU we can have. And I was excited to hear that they have similar ideas and are actively working to get that. I was asked on the spot if I wanted to Chair the NICU council and I practically jumped up and down and yelled “YES!!”

We were all so excited to have met each other that night. We all know that it was nothing but the Grace of God to have brought us all together on that night. It was all three of ours first time at these meetings… tell me that wasn’t all GOD?!

I will keep you all posted and share more when more comes… next week will be full of meetings, both at the hospital and school for my son. We are starting the process for him to get the support he needs to be successful in school. God Willing….

So I am in constant prayer that He continues to use me and that God keeps me going. He keeps me strong. I trust in Him and I know that all I have to do is keep believing and keep being available for Him. All Glory to God.



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