Manifestation of a Miracle

I found out we were having twins when I was 14 weeks pregnant. I found out that I was having a girl and BOY in February 2014. And I found out God had very different plans for us in March 2014.

Our journey has been so long. Our journey has been so tiresome. Our journey has been so hard. BUT…. GOD!

2019 in THE YEAR!!!! There is something that has been in the making since before I ever realized what God’s plan was. Something I had been tasked to do from the beginning. And that was to give God His Glory. And this year is it! This year is the time.

There are a few things that God had lined up for us. The first was an episode of “Life on the Line”. Narrated by Lisa Ling. Here’s the link to the trailer of Season 4: Episode 4 -‘Matthew’s Miracles’

Who ever thought our story would be in TV Guide?! haha But in all honesty… I did! Maybe not Tv Guide but I knew our journey was going to be documented. I kept MY PROMISE TO GOD that I would do anything and everything I could to tell HIS STORY. I was going to give God ALL the Glory!! Because this wasn’t MY story to get credit for. It was HIS! So when the opportunity came to film … I KNEW this was ALL GOD!

The Lord lined up so many speaking engagements for me. I was invited to speak at a parent’s panel talking to Child Life Student’s about our experience and our journey. For years I have been working very closely and volunteering with Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital. I would join the philanthropy team and marketing team, along with the Guilds and speak at different places about our journey and the key role that not only the hospital played, but the plan God had for us. If it wasn’t for Loma Linda’s faith and their doctors and nurses and staffs’ God Given talents and skills… we wouldn’t be here today!

Here is a video Loma Linda did in honor of Matthew on World Kidney Day . Everyone I showed personally cried watching this. When this video came out I watched it over and over and over again. When I showed my daughters the video, they cried! This journey not only has been long and exhausting for me, but for them too.

Here is a video that was made on Children’s Day. It was raining, but it was so much fun. The cameras followed the twins around, sharing their fun. Another post LLUCH made was a photo of Matthew (below) and they shared it as a post on Facebook.

A glad heart makes a cheerful countenance… – Proverbs 15:13 matthewLLUCH


The kids ( twins and their 8 year old sister) were all invited to dress up and greet guests at this years Gala. It was a safari theme. Back in August, they did a photo shoot for them. One of their photos were displayed at the Gala, hanging from the ceiling! It was pretty amazing.



And lastly, what I want to give God His Glory for…. Made For A Miracle . I started working that up again and decided to go for it. Work in the NICU, do what I know best, write the book, speak life, share my story… just do it!! And once I took that step forward, everything started to fall into place. And I am so grateful!!!

Our Next Fundraiser : Gift Packages for Mother’s Day. Please support and donate. For moms who will have babies in the NICU on Mothers Day. If you can help, head over to our website or email me at!! If you sell baby products or gifts of ANY KIND and you want them to be a part of our gift bags, we will gladly add them and share your business info with hundreds of followers, friends and NICU families and supporters. Check out our list below:


I am so blessed. And so grateful for my life. There is no time limit on your prayers!! When It is God’s Will and His time.. He will make it happen!! We are already victorious. Live in Victory. Live in the Blessings!!! Keep going…




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