Breakthrough: The Movie

“God takes things and uses them in His own way!” – Joyce Smith 

“Our tragedies are actually our triumph’s.”  – Chrissy Metz

I was sent the trailer of this new movie that is coming out called “Breakthrough”. It is a story about a teen boy that fell through ice and was stuck under the ice for more than 20 minutes. The boy did not have a heartbeat for about an hour. Doctors said that he would not survive. The trailer shows the mother praying over her son and asking God to bring down His Holy Spirit to heal her son. Then it shows her surrendering to God.

WOW!! Just wow!!

It was like they took bits and pieces of my life and the circumstances that I went through for this movie. It was incredible. God works in mysterious ways.

I am so much more encouraged to publish this book of mine. I write it and I put it away… I have not yet gone back to re-read it or edit it. It is still so hard for me to reminisce and think about a lot of what happened. Some things I wrote in about 15 minutes. Other parts of the story have taken me months to get written. It is still so real to me.

I know I have to hurry up and get this done. This year we have a few big events that we are going to promote and Give God His Glory. And I want there to at least be a book cover done and a manuscript finished. But honestly… it’s whatever God does. I pray over my laptop and my notes and my Bible in hopes that He brings me the words I need to write. I pray I convey the miracle to whoever is going to read this.

I pray that other moms and people going through hopeless situations know that there IS hope. That miracles DO happen. But also that we have to understand God’s Will for us when things don’t “right”. That God will give us the strength we need to get through whatever is happening to us. No matter how hard and excruciating… no matter how sad… or unbearable… He will get us through it.

BREAKTHROUGH.. this movie… my life… The Lord is making a breakthrough.


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