Vague is Me

I was going through my list of blog drafts…. blog posts that I write but don’t share… and I was actually kind of surprised at myself. I told myself months ago that I was going to share more and post more and be more transparent, but then, months later, I look at my drafts page and I realized that I am the same. The same Vague Me!!

I write and express myself and share pieces and parts of my life .. but I keep it to myself. I write about how good God is but I don’t share it. Why?! Why do I keep doing this?? Why do I keep EVERYTHING to myself??

Sorry… this is more of a pep talk kind of post but…  I just don’t understand why I still stop myself from sharing what I need to share. I get a lot of feedback and encouragement from people and friends to share and be more vocal but I Just…. its like I hit a wall.

I can take a screenshot of my drafts page and there are so many posts that I keep in drafts or I keep private.

My prayer every day is.. Lord, please help me be better. Please help me give God His Glory!! Please help me be more bold and outgoing. Let me share more of your miracles!! Let me share and encourage and give Hope. Help me jump into the told WE KNOW I am supposed to be in!! I asked you to use me years ago… please use me!!

In Jesus Name.. Amen.




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