Get to the Light

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

You can see it.

It’s there.

It’s just… the tunnel sucks!!

This is the path less chosen. In fact, I don’t think anyone chooses to go through this darkness. But there are the chosen few.

God knew what HE was doing when He made you. When He planned out your life for you. He knew you were brave. He knew you were strong. He knew there would people out there, (other moms) that were going to NEED you!!

Consider it a beautiful thing to go through this tunnel. Because that little dot of light all the way over there… is HIS GLORY!!

So just…. get there!! Keep going. Don’t give up. Fight, scream, cry if you must! Keep pushing through! You’re on a path that was chosen for you!! You’re on the right track! Just keep going…

#ThatWasForSomeone #MyFriendsRock #KidneyMomsUnite #MiracleBabies #NeverGivingUp

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