Oh, how I am blessed. 
December 2013- we found out we were pregnant. Having four girls, having an well established career, a great marriage, amazing church life, finances far exceeding what we planned… why not try for a boy?!

Early March 2014- I was 15 weeks along. At our monthly OB appointment, we found out we were having twins! That’s two babies!! One was a girl, the other….a boy!!

March 20, 2014- The day I will never forget. We were given devastating news… our son was not going to survive.

May 2014- Doctors performed surgery on my unborn child. His twin was right by his side.

June 2014- The fight to save my son. Doctors performed the second procedure, giving him a chance.

July 1, 2014- The twins were born 9 weeks early. Both alive.

July 15, 2014- The first of 16 surgeries in my sons life.

October 1, 2014- Game changer. I gave my son back to God!

November 20, 2014- For the first time, my son was discharged from the NICU. At times unimaginable, but we brought our boy home.

August 2015- Infection caused him to go from Peritoneal Dialysis to Hemodialysis. We begin our 4x a week trip to Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital.

March 2016- Matthew needs a kidney. His dialysis line is starting to malfunction. By this time he has already had 3 surgeries to replace his line. Doctor was real and frank with us… if we keep going at this rate, Matthew will have a year of life left. That is assuming his line continues working at this rate.

April 2017- the phone call. The miracle is coming true. The end is almost near. His promise is coming to pass. We have a match. A kidney match.

July 31, 2017- The transplant. The Gift of Life.

life…. these past four years have been an amazing journey. I still can’t fully wrap my head around all that I have witnessed. All that I have seen. The list of blessings that I shared above are only a fraction of all that my son has been through. It doesn’t even cover every surgery, every heartache, every mountain, every obstacle he has faced. It doesn’t show the life my other children have had to endure. It doesn’t show how my marriage has been. my career, my relationships, my spiritual life. There is so much that has happened. And so much that I have held back. That I have hidden…

But it is time now. Time to stop hiding. Time to share. That is all that I plan on doing this week. sharing. I know I keep saying it and I never follow through. But its because I am so afraid of what will come. I am afraid of the outcome of what I write. Not afraid of the bad… but of the good. I know sharing will turn my life into a showcase, and I honestly hate eyes on me. But I have to do it. So stay tuned. I already have a few posts waiting in the wind. I will share them coming up.

Thanks for following my journey the last four years.

To God Be The Glory


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