Writing Prompts

I joined a writing club that will help me write more and better. One of the first things it gives us is writing prompts. These writing prompts will help us really dive into our niche and theme when it comes to writing and blogging. So bare with me as I try and develop this blog.

I am really trying to mold this blog into what it is supposed to be. It is so much more than just ME going through what I am going through. It is so much more than just my journey. It is even more than the miracles that have happened in our lives.

It is about SHARING!! Sharing anything and everything about what God has done in MY life… in OUR lives. I am hoping that I can grow this blog into a sharing blog. A blog that will share ALL of God’s Miracles. THAT is what I want to do. THAT is what I am supposed to do. I was tasked with sharing his miracles. And I plan on doing that any way I can.

So if you are reading this right now… do me a favor. Join me in this writing prompt. Think of a time when God did an amazing work in your life. Really think about it. Then write it down!! Write it. Type it. Talk about it. Share it. I would love for you to share it with me so I can share it with everyone else. Send me your stories to madeforamiracle@gmail.com . Share your name, and where you are from. If you want to stay anonymous, that is fine too. Any way I can share His miracles… I will!!!

I hope some of you share your stories. If not with me to share, then on your own blogs. Just share!! God is Great and He is Worthy of the Acknowledgement and deserves the Honor and Glory!!



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