He Knows

He knows…

I shared this on my Instagram this morning and it is a quote I had in my saved gallery. A lot of quotes like this, I read and save and just pray that when it is needed to be shared for someone, I will share it at the perfect time.

Today was the day to share it…

I used to struggle with looking Godly and perfect and Christ Like. It was hard for me. I am suuuuuper sarcastic, i like wine and I make fun of people in my head a lot. Lol. Sorry not sorry. But i like to laugh. And i grew up in the kind of church that was kind of serious. So i didnt know if i was being disobedient or being UNGodly or even if I was a sinner because sometimes I thought ‘i just dont want to go to church today’…

As I grew up and learned WHO God was TO ME… I learned that He has pretty much the same sense of humor I do. And although i dont believe God makes fun of other people, He sure does laugh at ME. Lol.. but thats the Father that I need. Thats the God that I know. He is the same living God to all of us… but He speaks to Me in the specific way I need to be spoken to. Just like He speaks to each of you in the specific way YOU need to be spoken to.

So many times i have felt so discouraged, unloved and unworthy. But HE knows my heart. He is the only one that takes me out of my funk. He is the only one that KNOWS my heart.

I have only recently learned to stop caring so much of what people think of me. Its hard sometimes still… but Im doing better. Im learning to live for Him. I am still being used by Him for whatever I am needed for. And I will keep giving Him the Glory.

He knows when I speak to people to share His Miracles, I am sooo out of my comfort zone. But the second I start speaking, He takes over. Its a blessing to be filled with the Holy Spirit. So fresh. So freeing.

He never leaves us. Even if our faith feels like its dwindling or low… He is there. He has given each of us the perfect amount of faith we need to get through our own lives… our own circumstances. Sometimes we may even let go because we just dont have the strength to hold on anymore. But know… just KNOW He is always here for us.

He is doing one of 4 things… walking in front of us, guiding us… walking beside us.. walking behind us, silently or carrying us. But He never leaves us alone.

Just always always remember… He knows our hearts. 💖


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