Live for the small things

I saw this post in my Instagram archive this morning and I just had to share. I save a lot of Instagram posts so i can share them later or simply because they mean something to me.

This quote made me feel some kind of way this morning. For me, this IS goals. For me, this is what I want to and need to be doing. Enjoying the little moments in life.

I want to enjoy waking up from the three hour nights sleep I get and be thankful I woke up.

I want to be thankful that my son, who wasn’t expected to even live past his birth, is the one waking me 13 minutes before my alarm clock goes off.

I want to be excited that my son, who has been fed by a tube coming out of his belly, is saying he is hungry and wants to eat waffles.

I have to let go and laugh at us running late for school every day.

I have to take the quiet time I get and use that to talk to God more. I need to dive into the moments with God and really get to chatting with him.

I want to feel how full my heart is when all my kids… ALL SIX… (yes, 6!!) are playing board games in the living room and all I hear is laughing, bickering, sarcasm and more laughing.

I want to feel the warmth of my husbands embrace when he comes home from work every day. (He is gone for work 4 days a week)

I want to be happy again. Wholeheartedly, undoubting- HAPPINESS!!

My life is GREAT! It really is. I look at the good that God has given me and, to be honest, my life is not bad. It’s just really hard. Its hard to get through the day sometimes. It’s not an easy life. But it IS good. And every day I need to remind myself that God is Good and already has our life planned for us. I have to remind myself that its not about WHERE we are going, but about WHAT I am doing with my time RIGHT NOW. What am I doing to live life RIGHT NOW to the fullest??

I want to live for the smallest and most meaningful moments in every day because those are what make every day special. In the long run when you look back on life, it is in those small special moments that make a beautiful life.

So ask yourselves…. what are YOU doing with YOUR moments today??





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