It’s Time

The Lord is pushing me forward. seriously. My head is about to explode. lol.. You know how sometimes He says you need to Be Still. Or sometimes He stays silent. Or sometimes He even has to hold our hand and walk right next to us…. today… HE is pushing me. Pushing me to finally share it all. I feel it. It’s so strong its making me sick. To let people in. To let people read about some of the darkest places I have been. But He is telling me


Some friends have read a few of my posts that I have reluctantly shared. But MOST have no idea I have this blog. I started it in 2014 just before Matthew was discharged from the NICU. Many of my posts have been shared on parent sites like The Mighty or BabySpot. I’ve been featured in articles from PreemieParent, Ronald McDonald House Charities, our local Children’s Hospital and the local news. But I think its just time that I do this. Share my thoughts, my heartaches and all my joys. I need to finally be open to it and run with it. No matter what chatter people will start or opinions people may give… it doesn’t matter. This is my real life. And its time I share it for the moms that are going through all the chaotic emotions and moments I have been through. because THEY are the ones that need to know theyre not alone. and theyre not as crazy as they feel. People going though it… you understand. But God.. in all His mystery and Glory.. is with us.

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