The path

And just like that your world shifts and changes. The direction you thought  you were going in suddenly changes and you are going in a totally different direction in life.

Picture this: The path you are walking on is on a cliff. You are walking along this path at the edge of this huge cliff. Its a rocky hiking path that feels like it just goes in circles. The good thing about this path, though, is there are incredible views. On one side of the cliff you can see the beautiful blue ocean. You can see and hear the white crashing waves as it hits the beach below. The smell of the ocean is mesmerizing. It’s beautiful. Like a dream.

But you have to keep walking on the path that you are supposed to be on. As you keep coming around the cliff you then see another view. The storm clouds start rolling in and suddenly the beach is gone and the path you see is grey. The dirt road to that path is dark and seems endless. You can’t see the end of that path. The thunder is rumbling and lighting strikes inside that fog, getting lost in the sea of clouds. You do not want to go down that road but it is a road you have traveled before. And you know, you just know, you will be on it again soon. It’s just inevitable.

Continuing around the cliff, the sky clears up. The trees are green and out of nowhere appears a beautifully green pasture. The most perfect and bright green grass you will ever see. There is no path. As you walk along your path you kind of look around because… how can this beautiful green pasture be here?! You stop and breathe in the fresh air. Its an almost cold soothing flow of clean fresh air that hits your nose, down your throat and fills your lungs with such a refreshing feeling…  suddenly you’re whole. You can’t stop your walk but you just have to see what it feels like to walk on this grass. You quickly take yours shoes off and take a few steps to your right. The grass…. soft and cool on your bare feet. With every step, it feels like you’re walking on a cushion. This is the most well cared for and well manicured grass you have ever known to exist. It is only for a few steps that you can feel this, but wow… this feels so good.

Then you see the white picket fence along this side of the pasture is coming. This perfect green pasture will pass. And suddenly you are back on your hiking trail. You aren’t sad that it’s over because those were moments that you can easily call perfection. The feeling of true pure bliss. THAT is what you want to hold on to. THAT is what you NEED to hold on to. Because you turn your head back to your hiking trail that God has you on, and the path is beginning to rise. You look ahead and all you see is this rocky trail beginning its incline. Here we go again…

The path.

Your path.

The path God has created for you and only you to walk on. It’s there. All you have to do is keep walking. It’s hard. It isn’t something you want to walk on. It isn’t a place you want to be. But it is where you are at. It’s not all bad. You’ll have amazing views and amazing experiences. The memories you will have from the moments you make. The miracles you get to see along the way. It feels like a curse but its actually an incredible blessing.

You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand. – Psalm 16:11

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