This is it… the manuscript

I just received a big ‘ol packet from the publishers office and I am trying my hardest to NOT freak out!!I have been writing steadily for a year now. Not every day, of course, but still… writing. I have had to deal with some things that had happened and had to find a way to re-live it. I have had to search for days, weeks and sometimes months to find the words to describe a lot of what we went through in those long months.

And although I feel like I can add more, or fix this and fix that… I am close to sending my manuscript off. I keep re-reading everything I have written. I keep wanting to just scratch the whole thing. But I know this is the best way to give God His Glory. To write it down and share it with the world.

I received this large envelope in the mail with a bunch of papers and information and it felt like fire in my palm. I threw it on the table and ran away from it as if it were some kind of diseased object.

This is my life on paper. The greatest tragedy and miracle to ever happen to me. A memoir. A transformation of me. All on paper. Getting ready to be packed up, labeled and shipped off to some stranger who believes in miracles. A stranger that is going to decide if MY miracle is good enough to share. And I know for a fact that it is… and I am terrified. Why… if this is what God intended from the beginning… WHY did the Lord make me so terrified of sharing it??

But here I go… sharing it anyway.

Prayers for a successful manuscript.


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