Help Wanted

I LOVE working on our non-profit Made For A Miracle .. If I can work on it all day every day, I would. And I almost do, actually. The ONLY problem I am having…. I don’t get paid. And I NEED a job. Don’t get me wrong, working and volunteering my time with the many non-profits I currently work with are my life’s passion. I don’t NEED to be paid to do what I do. I LOVE it. I love the way that just spending an hour of my time volunteering will help a family, or a child. I love that what I do matters. I love that families and babies feel encouraged and comforted and maybe even happy after an event or fundraiser. Maybe its a little selfish because it makes ME feel good… lol… but I do love it. I wish I were a billionaire. JUST so I can do more. I have so many plans and ideas… I wish I can do it all.

BUT…….. I NEED a job.

I have 6 kids. 2 in high school; 2 in elementary school; 2 pre-schoolers. All in their own extra curricular activities and special talents that we feed. I need gas money. I need grocery money… its difficult sometimes on one income. Eventho its a good income… its still tough. I rarely see my husband because he works so much overtime. Having a medically complex child is very difficult and especially hard on a marriage. But… God knows what He is doing. So we trust it.

But…… I NEED A JOB!!! lol… I have applied to only a couple places this past month. I am hopeful but I don’t expect much. I am willing to relocate our family if I DO get offered one of the  jobs I am praying for. One is with a wonderful organization that helps children in under-served communities. The other is with our children’s hospital. Both are great positions.  Both are non-profit organizations. One position with the childrens hospital is a stepping stone to where I want to be with Made For A Miracle. The other is actually MY DREAM JOB!!!

Who knows what will come of it. Who knows what Gods plans are for me. All I can do it keep praying. If anyone knows of anything else I can apply for… let me know. This mama needs a J-O-B!




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