It’s Time

It’s Time.

It’s Time to get my head out of the fog and come down to clarity. This is THE year. It is time.

A couple weeks ago I was invited to a staff retreat for our local Children’s Hospital. It was the first event for the Children’s Hospital I attended to speak at this year. I have been invited to share our testimony and speak of God’s goodness, His miracles, and what role doctors and nurses had. It was a very special event. Hospital Executives, staff, directors and department heads were all there. A few actual philanthropists, donors and foundation members were there. I was both excited and nervous. It was a very special day and the first of many to come.

I feel like I need to be more prepared. Most days I still feel like I am not ready for this. But I know that I cannot miss these opportunities. It is now Feb 7th and I have already been a part of four special events since the new year. Coming up, I have two more this month and then three, so far in March. I am doing what was assigned to me long ago. And that is to share His miracles and help other families.

I learned yesterday that it was confirmed, my son and my testimony will be the center of the Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital Gala. I knew they were going to share some of our documentary and our story but I had no idea we were going to be THE FAMILY represented. I learned that I was going to speak about my experience, my faith and the journey we have been on.


The day I always knew would happen. I stand on stage and I get to share my testimony. I get to tell the world all the goodness in that happens in the midst of despair. I get to tell the world that we never gave up.. that Matthew best the odds. I get to finally share Matthew’s Miracles.

to God be the Glory 

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