An Excerpt from the NICU

I have been writing my entire life. I used to write short stories and poems often. I have boxes and boxes of journals and diaries from growing up. After I started this blog, some posts began being circulated and shared on other websites and blogs. About two years ago, I was contacted by a publisher and asked if I were interested in writing a book. I was excited but also scared to death of the idea. But, in the end, I said yes… as long as I am not rushed with a timeline. A contract has never been signed but, when I am done, I will have to sign this away to be shared.

I havent been able to get into writing this “book” too much because for a while I was having some serious anxiety and even flashbacks. It was hard to go back to all that had happened. But slowly and surely, I have been able to get through most of my writing. And I wanted to share an excerpt from the book I am writing. Here goes….
“I ask God, on numerous occasions, to show me what I need to see… what I need to hear… and this was one scripture that was shown to me…
“For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the Glory which shall be revealed to us”- Romans 8:18
Some days all I can do is keep my eyes on Him and trust that, at the end of all of this, all will be well. I have to keep breathing and believing that Matthew will survive this. That God’s plans are much bigger and much greater than what medical reports say.”
I am still nowhere near being done. But this is just one excerpt from the NICU book. Book one out of three. What do you think??


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