Matthew’s Miracles Update

Happy New Year friends!!!

I wanted to give an update on Matthew’s progress. All I can really say is he has been doing AMAZING!!! Since we left Loma Linda, Matthew has grown and gained weight. Where he used to not even be on the growth chart, within 5 months, he is now in the 25th percentile! YAY! We have gone down on many of his medications. His creatinine, BUN, blood pressure and hemoglobin are all NORMAL and in great range!!

AND– GET THIS– HE IS STARTING TO EAT!!! REAL FOOD!!! Back in November he began eating cereal. Fruit Loops, to be exact. lol. No milk. And then he started eating beans.. kidney beans, of course. haha Then we introduced him topizza. Cuz our whole family almost LOVES pizza!! Then from there on out, he just suddenly always became “hungry”. It was so weird but so awesome. One of our doctors at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital​ -Dr. Cutler, told us that one day he WILL just get hungry. And a few months after transplant we kind of got discouraged because he just was not interested, Luckily, it just took a little time for him.

After transplant, Matthew unfortunately contracted C-Diff (look it up.. its gross and scary) And with his weak immune system, he had a 4 month reoccurrence of it. He had LOTS AND LOTS of tummy issues (which is why he was never hungry) and it was just a real struggle. I felt so helpless. I remember crying and wanting to actually go back on dialysis just so matthew would be so miserable. It was THAT hard to deal with. But lemme tell ya… GOD IS IN THE MIRACLE BUSINESS.

Matthew finished his 4th month of antibiotics and was left with no other way to “cure” the C-DIFF. We were about to get sent to ANOTHER specialist. Everyday I just prayed the infection would NOT get to his kidneys and bladder. But then one day… he poop (TMI -sorry) WAS NORMAL!!! Glory to God!! He was normal. No more sickness. No more diarrhea. No more tummy ache. Nothing!! It was the weirdest thing. And I have witnessed many many MANY MIRACLES!! THIS was another one of them!! And since November he has had no other symptoms of C-DIFF. His GI specialist wanted to wait 6 weeks post medication to see if there is a reoccurrence, but so far, none. He gets tested in 2 weeks and I KNOW.. I KNOW this will be another of Gods Miracles.


Right now, matthew did catch a cold. Everyone everywhere is dealing with the flu and I am just praying he only gets the cold. So please keep him in prayer. But other than that… 2018 is looking amazing so far.

This past year… the entire 2017 was probably the worst and best years of my life. I didn’t understand a lot of what God was doing. All I knew is I had to keep believing and trusting and most days I just had to hold on for the day to pass. But looking into 2018.. there are already so many things we have planned. So many AMAZING opportunities already waiting for us.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU everyone for your love, support and prayers. Keep us in your prayers, Our family definitely needs it. Matthew especially.

Every day I thank our kidney donor Alicia Lopez​ … to this day she has no idea how much she did means. I gave birth to my son. God gave him life and purpose. She gave him a future.


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