The Cold.. part 128 (give or take a few)

It is December. The cold is here. It has been here. Cold and Flu season has been up and running since the end of October, I believe. The Cold season lasts until March. So basically it is a time for moms like me with kids like ours to stress during each outing.

When we go out, I have to check and double check that Matthew has plenty of masks. Then I pack adult size masks for anyone who happens to be around us and THEY need a mask.. or if someone is being stubborn, I, myself, put a mask on so as to prevent me from getting sick. I carry in my bag a small purse size can of Lysol (yes, I do) about three small bottles of hand sanitizer. I have Clorox wipes, I have regular baby wipes, tissue, gloves and plenty of extra clothes just in case he gets messy or dirty. lol.

I seriously have this special power. I can actually see GERMS!! Like, I can SEE them in the air, floating. Small specs of little flakey germs just floating around. And when I see people sneeze oooooooooooh my goodness. Those germs fly and spread around for at least 30 feet. (9th grade biology.. look it up) It is seriously the most disgusting thing ever. Do you have any idea how many germs are floating around in the atmosphere?!?!

Am I a germaphobe?? yes!! Yes I am!! And I am proud of it! lol

 I cant help but laugh at myself sometimes. Wow, how i have changed… 


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