So here is a question i am curious for other people to answer….

When the ONE THING you never thought would happen happens, how do you act? How do you compose yourself to react to evil, crazy, unimaginable things in a Godly manner??

There is so much going on that I wish I can just openly share and ask for advice. I scour the internet for advice from women who have been in my position. But I have yet to find the answer I want, or what I am hoping for. I need someone to just say. “Hey!! DO THIS AND THIS AND THAT!” And then that would be it. And then I can go on and move on and be okay with my life. I need someone to just tell me what to do. Tell me how long it will be like this or that and then tell me that it will be okay, Tell me that it happens to the best of us and there is nothing to be ashamed about.

Reassure me… God… just reassure me and give me direction!


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