Cry me a River 

Have you ever cried so hard that your eyes look like you had 12 rounds with Rocky the night before??

Have you ever been so full of emotion that your physical being convulsed out of control? You had no sensation in your arms or body that you just fell to the ground or balled up somewhere and just allowed your body to go through the intense emotions??

Or have you ever been at a point in life where you are standing in thr middle of this huge crowded room and you are consumed and overwhelmed with so much emotion.. BUT… you cant cry. You can’t allow yourself to cry. Because you know as soon as you release those floodgates you won’t have any control or even strength to stop them. Your body starts shaking. Your body temperature rises to boiling so hot that it tingles all over. Your head suddenly feels like it is growing and expanding is about to explode…

I’m there. I’m here. I want to explode but I can’t. I feel dizzy and I feel sick. Actually sick to my stomach… 

Jesus… take over

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