God’s Specialty

​Ahhh. This one hit me hard right now. I cant stop crying. Lol. Jesus, you know what to say and when to say it. Ahh. 

I thought the “after transplant life” was gonna be hard. But this whole “prepping the family and placing us in line where we need to be in life and with our faith-getting ready for the miracle before transplant life” is the hardest its been in three years. I never imagined what life could and would bring us. But i always knew that God was there. 

Matthew will be well.

WE will be well. 

Its all in God’s time. I tied a knot at the end of my rope and have been holding on for dear life. But I cant anymore…No more holding on. Its time to let go and let God handle it. I cant do this anymore. Im tired. Im hurting. I cant even think right. I need to give my heart, my mind, my thoughts, my decisions, my tears, my hopes, my anger, everything to God. I turn it all over to you, Lord. Because i cant anymore…♡ 

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