I cried a little

Finally! I cried…. at least a little. It wasn’t long. I cried for maybe a minute! I was watching a video about organ donation and it made me cry. lol. The video showed a man crossing items off a bucket list that his donor had made before passing. I began thinking about all the things my son would finally be able to do once he gets his transplant. I began thinking about the dreams I used to have when God spoke to me. When I begged God to just show me…. show me that Matthew would be well. Please, God!! Show me!!

And then He showed me Matthew in a baseball uniform. He showed me what he looked like in his late teen years. He showed me the most beautiful vision. Me standing next to Matthew. I was so short compared to my son. He was wearing a white baseball uniform, he was dirty and sweaty and so gross like just after a game. He was smiling the biggest and greatest smile. He stood tall, very tall, in between me and another person. I don’t know who, but I can only assume my husband. I just remember seeing Matthew so clearly. I KNOW exactly what he is going to look like when he gets older. His dark curly hair, his dark brown skin, his tall athletic build, his dimples, button nose, thick eyebrows and infectious and perfect smile.

This vision was beautiful. And it was exactly what I needed when Matthew wasn’t expected to survive that night. When God showed me this vision, I KNEW…. I knew Matthew would be well.

So when I watched this video, I was reminded of this vision. And then I was reminded of the few others that God gave me. Matthew would living these moments out. And they were going to really happen. Not that I didn’t believe in them before, but, we are now in the times of watching them really happening…. in the NOW!!

And I cried… not long… but a little.

To God Be The Glory


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