Surgery Evaluation

Tomorrow we will be checking Matthew in at Loma Linda to be evaluated for surgery. He needs his dialysis catheter replaced. If you remember back in November this was the surgery I dreaded. After all went well, I thought how silly of me. Everything went so well. It was an easy surgery. Well, this time, he needs the same simple surgery.. only this time, there is a high risk of infection because of his congestion and cough.  I told our social worker today that I feel like we are weighing two different risks. infection or dialysis not working. both have bad results. and I don’t want to think of either. so what do I do??
simple…THANK GOD for the victory that is coming. My mind is blank because my migraine has not gone away. And my heart feels so achy at times because I hate the thought of Matthew having to go through so much. But I KNOW that all will be well. Miracles every day… and tomorrow wont be anything less. I KNOW that matthew will be well. I KNOW that this is just another page in Matthews story. Another chance for us to tell the world how good God is.


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