NICU Fundraiser -Baby Soothers

We have been talking to the amazing NICU staff at Desert Regional Medical Center to determine their needs and wishes for the little miracles currently in the NICU.

We learned that the NICU is in dire need of additional support to comfort all the babies they care for. We are starting our first fundraiser of the year by raising funds to purchase and supply the NICU with three bouncers and three crib soothers.

Stimulation is very important to a baby’s development, especially a premature baby. These bouncers and soothers provide a calming experience as well as additional stimulation with soothing movement and music.

The deadline to collect donations and sponsored gifts for the NICU will be March 4th. We want to present the NICU with these amazing blessings on March 18th during the NICU Reunion at the hospital. It will be a great experiences to be able to provide for these little miracles!!!

If any of YOU would love to help us bless our NICU babies, you can paypal a donation to or you can head over to our Toys R Us Wish List and buy one online that will get sent directly to us, or you can email me for more information on how to deliver your gift to us. thanks so so much for your help .

Toys R Us Wish List

Thanks so much for all your help in helping these miracles families with miracle beginnings.

Below is a pic of Matthew staring at his equarium. He was always loiking at it. He loved his so much, we bought one when he came home!!! 


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