And here is MY 2016 Best Nine photos on Instagram.


2016 reeeeeally sucked as it was happening. As we struggled through every single poopy day just to breathe…just to make it to the next day… *sigh*

But now that it’s over, I kinda loved it. I loved it because of what my son has overcome. I loved it because of what our family has overcome. I loved it because of what it has done for me. So many of you have no idea the impact you have made in my life. The difference you made in my life. I praise God for my friends and family.

A lot of stuff happened this year and, with what I expect for 2017, I am kind of anxious for what the coming year has to offer. To be honest, I’m not really looking forward to it. But because of how I feel about it, I know its the year that God will reveal His ultimate plan for ME and our son. So we have to jump. We have to jump to fly. And when we fly, we will soar.

So I invite you all, to come and join me and witness more of Gods Miracles. Miracles with my son, with me, with Made For A Miracle, with our family and with our church. There will be lots to come in 2017.

Come fly with me. Many Blessings to you all in 2017.

God Bless You.

Happy New Year’s.


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