Two years ago today

September 30, 2014

Two years ago… Matthew’s health was declining very fast!! THESE were the days that Gods Hands were moving. THESE were the days where my faith and the holy spirit took over my entire being…. i have never shared these photos of Matthew because I just… I never wanted to. I didn’t want to share the bad… because God is so good!! And because He is so good… look what he has brought Matthew out of!!! Our MIRACLE!! God’s Promise to me!

579 August 29, 2014

Matthew got through some rough weeks in the month of August. He had two back to back surgeries and his twin sister got discharged. This was one of his best days. His health was getting better. He was becoming more alert and was almost interacting with us. We thought, after this, he would be getting well and that would be it. Little did I know that this was only the beginning.


September 19, 2014.

His dialysis catheter was slow. The nurses were having a hard time pulling off fluid. Matthew was retaining a lot. As you can see, a lot changed in a matter of two weeks. We began to worry and stress about dialysis. We have been told numerous times that if this doesn’t work… there is nothing else doctors can do. So every day around this time, I was WILLING Matthew’s catheter to flow. I felt like a super human because on some days I would stare and stare at his tubes and WILL IT to flow. As if my  mind was pulling the little fluid that was coming out.

He started having issues with his breathing at this time. They started him on a low flow of oxygen. He was so heavy and his body was so bloated, you can hear him breathe!! This was the beginning of the downfall.


September 21, 2014

Matthew’s catheter seemed to have been stuck somewhere. It got so bad that I began to have to dance with him just so his catheter would flow. I would rock him up and down and back and forth. But we couldn’t hold off any longer, he needed surgery to fix his catheter. Sept. 23rd, Matthew had surgery.

It was really hard on him. It was hard on all of us. Little did I know that this was the beginning of the end to get to the new beginning. This was the greatest climax in Matthew’s story.


It was by far, the worst day of MY life. But it was the best day in Matthews… with God’s mercy and Grace… this is what Matthew has overcome!!

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