All Garbled Up

My mind gets all garbled up… does that happen to anyone else??? Where there is so  much coming at you and so much you are doing, that your mind is likes the tazmanian devil and it just scrambles?? That is how I feel when I sit to write a post.

I currently have about 15 posts in my draft sections. Different topics, different titles, different days and different stories to tell. I tend to start writing when I get an idea, but then I get busy that I stop mid-sentence and I never end up finishing. I lose the words that I wanted to share. I lose sight of the idea that I was going to put into a post. And then I just suddenly do something else and then I go about my day and then I end up forgetting and then I end up starting another post and then I don’t finish that one and then I get busy and so on and so forth. (Excuse the ridiculously long run-on sentence.)

And then we get to a week or two later…. when was my last post posted?? About a week… yes… that is how long it takes for me to finally lose my mind a little bit and I just need to unleash my words and then I finally publish a post. lol…

I wish I had more eloquent words full of life and flavor, but I honestly don’t. Every day is an uphill battle in motherhood. At least in my house it is.

Considering all of our circumstances and battles we have fought, I guess I am doing okay. I mean, kids are doing well in school and act like they are having fun with life. So that’s good, right?? lol.

I am doing my best, even with my brain and my words being all garbled up….




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