I am still writing my first book. It has not been fun. I mean, sometimes it is, other times, it is not. I am going back to times in my life that I did not think I was going to survive. My health was not in jeopardy but the realization that I can actually die from a broken heart… it was difficult. It was hard for me to function. I could feel the pain in my chest and in my heart. Seeing my son so sick and being told on more than one occasion, “here… you should hold him” because he is not expected to make it through the night or day. The ups and downs that my son had, his twin sister… me… it’s hard to think about sometimes. But I know I have to think back to the most incredible, good and bad, experiences and put them all in a book.

As I have said before, it will be a three part thing. I am baaaarely working on the first one, so don’t expect the last of these for years to come. I am being patient because, although I have had some of my stuff published before, poems and short stories, I have never written a book. Very very different. I am taking my time to get it right and I am taking my time to pray about it. I want this to be ALL for the Glory of God. If I can exclude my name from this, I absolutely would. I don’t want my name anywhere near this because IT IS NOT ABOUT ME!! This is all for Him to get His Glory!! The things that He did… the things that He has done…. amazing!!! I want this all to be focused on how good God is. All that God can do. All that He has promised me that He will do!! It’s incredible!

Well, the other day I was approached by another author who creates children’s books. She has a few story books published already. And they are so so sweet. She is a christian author and illustrator. She told me that the Lord gave her a beautiful idea. She saw that we were helping at our local children’s hospital and how we provide family support and volunteer. She received the idea to create our very own children’s book. I was in awe. I am so excited for what we are collaborating and creating. The story is one of miracles, of course. And it is already amazing!! I can’t wait to be able to have it for our own families when we are here at the hospital.

Please keep us in prayer that with our writings and illustrations and future endeavors, we are able to reach so many families and give hope and encouragement through us. That they feel God’s love and His healing Hand. That these families and children feel the Peace and strength they need to get through their journey.

If anyone out there wants to help us help other families going through their children’s journey, email me at Or if you have an idea that we can use to fundraise for the children’s hospital, let me know. I would love to hear from you. Anything we can do to spread God’s love and Joy … You can also head over to our organizations website at Made For A Miracle

Thanks so much and God Bless


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