This is Me


So this is me.
I’m mommy. I’m mom. I’m mama.
These are my three titles.
Each one of my children call me something different. I am only mother when my teenage daughter is upset with me and the only way she can talk down to me is by saying my correct title, MOTHER.

I have learned to trust every day for what it is. I have learned that I can not control any part of any day. Some say that the only thing you have control of is our attitude. But for me, sometimes that is even difficult.

I love my life. I trulu feel blessed to be here right now. It is hard, every day, but oh so worth it. I am living a miracle. In the midst of God’s plan. I see His hand moving and making ways for our family to survive and overcome. I am blessed to be able to help others despite our own circumstances. I feel so humbled and have learned my place. I know God is using me and using our family and especially using our son for His Glory…. for something far greater than we can ever imagine. I trust that. I believe in that….

But for now, I am mommy, I am mom, I am mama…


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