I used to always hear, “Nothing is Impossible for Jesus.” And I would smile and nod and be like, yeah you’re right. And I wouldn’t really take that statement in. It just was.

I am, right now, sitting in the van on the way home from dialysis. And I am just thinking about the miracles that God has placed before us. All that He has done in the past two years are truly incredible. And I am numb right now because I don’t know how to act. I want to jump and scream and I want to cry and laugh and I want to breathe and be still. I want to tell the world but at this very moment I want to just keep it to myself.

This is my time with God. My heart is so full it wants to explode. I feel my heart pounding so hard and it is so loud I had to look at my chest to see if you can actually see it pumping. My hands are shaking because of the adrenaline I am holding back (so excuse me if there are typos.) But i wanted to type my very first thoughts this morning.

My baby is going to receive the gift of life very very soon. The Hand of God is firmly gripped around my son and I see him being squeezed. I see the Power that is working through his veins. I see all that is happening and I am watching in slow motion.

Everything that has happened these last two years has been in God’s plan all along. All I needed to do was believe it!!! All I needed to do was SPEAK OUTLOUD! Declaring it and trusting that THIS was God’s Plan for Matthew. This was God’s plan for me and my husband and for the kids…. for our family. I prayed that God’s Will would be mine and that my Will be aligned with His. I asked and prayed and hoped and trusted and believed that this would happen. And now it is…

My son is being referred to the transplant team and it is all happening. And it is happening fast!! Another Miracle. Another Promise that God had given me being fulfilled. I am so blessed and so excited.

I am usually good with words but I am so overwhelmed. My heart is overflowing with Love and Joy and Gratefulness.

My son…. will have a normal life.
My son… will survive.
My son… will fulfill his purpose. And THAT is to give God His Glory.

LOOK what the Lord has done!!!

More info to come as I process today…

To GOD Be The Glory


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