Post-Op : Urology


Today (07-14-16) we had Matthew’s post-op appointment with the urologist. Matthew was checked over and the urologist said one of the most beautiful things I can ever hear…

“Matthew is officially cleared by urology. See you next year.”

Aaaahhhhhhh!!!! Can you believe it?! I can!! We always knew that God had amazing plans for Matthew. I am just in awe, every day, of the miracles we are blessed to witness. And we feel so blessed and excited to share all this good news with everyone.

We expected to follow a long term care plan that was made for Matthew. After last weeks surgery I really expected a completely different lifestyle….daily catheter, lots of tears and fights and pain for Matthew. Not to mention a couple more serious surgeries just to get Matthew cleared to GET a new kidney….  But God! Isn’t it amazing how God always has the final say?!

What man says can’t be done, God says HE CAN!

Now all we need is a new kidney!! It is all in God’s time, though. We were supposed to find out this Wednesday if he would be referred to the transplant team, but that didn’t happen. Plus Matthew’s phosphorus is super high. So we need that to come down significantly. Hopefully we will find out soon.

This coming Tuesday there is a Transplant Team Meet and Greet and we were invited to attend. Matthew is so close and the next one isn’t until September. We want to get as much information as possible to begin preparing. Plus I have a billion questions and I am anxious to meet the people that would be caring for Matthew. So… I am kind of excited!!

Lots going on. I am completely overwhelmed, but in a good way!!! I was talking with a friend last night and my question lately has been, how do you Thank God for these miracles?! How do I show my overwhelming gratitude for all that He has done?? What can I do to keep sharing and showing how Good God is?!

All I can do is keep sharing and letting people know that IT’S ALL GOD!! He is the one that has made everything happen. The Power of Prayer…. simply incredible. Matthew is a Miracle.

God Bless everyone. Thank you all for your continued Prayers and encouragement. I can’t say it enough how much they mean to our entire family. Knowing we have a support system and the prayers to get through all of this. From the bottom of our hearts… Thank You ❤



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