Two years ago: 06-25-14

Facebook Memory from two years ago…June 25th, 2014 –

Surgery was “very difficult but very successful”.. looks like we will be waiting a few more weeks to meet our babies!!! I am soooo God and all of u for ur prayers!!! God has his own timing!! We are under observation til Friday.. once we get thru next few days we should be in the clear until they are ready!!! ~a

Thank you Facebook for the memories.

Two years ago yesterday (06-24-14) was the day we had our second fetal surgery. The doctors did their second bladder drain and vesicosentisis on Matthew. Matthew’s bladder was full of urine with nowhere to go because of his blockage due to PUV (Posterior Urethral Valves). His bladder was so full and stretched like a balloon, fluid was filling his kidneys. Because of the fully stretched bladder and kidneys, his chest cavity was becoming compressed and interfering with his lung and heart development.

Doctors then did something that has never been done anywhere in the world. At least that’s what I was told. And I have been researching and desperately looking for something that says it has been done before… nope. never.

Doctors cut slits in Matthew’s amniotic sac. He barely had any fluid left in there so it was wrapped tightly around him.  Doctor said that it was very difficult to do but they were able to cut a few slits. They then cut slits in Callia’s amniotic sac. Callia, by the Grace of God, had more amniotic fluid than she needed. So when slits were cut into her sac, her fluid flowed smoothly around Matthew. Thank God I did not go into labor.

From that moment on, Matthew had fluid around his face and he was able learn to breathe like a developing baby should. It wasn’t until this day that I truly understood the reason why God gave us twins. Callia saved her brother’s life. If it wasn’t for her fluid to share… Matthew would never have had a chance to breathe.

I was given two doses of steroids along with medication to hold off labor in case it were to start. I was observed overnight and was then free to go home. I was given strict orders to be on strict bed rest. No standing or moving or walking unless I needed to use the restroom and shower. Bed rest was nothing unusual for me. I was on bed rest for two of my other pregnancies. For one more week, instead of delivering the twins at 30 weeks (which became the plan when doctors first told us that they would NOT operate) I was able to feel them move and kick and dance and wiggle just a little longer.

To God Be The Glory



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