Going Back to That

I have written before about a publisher wanting to publish our twins miracle story. My first deadline is coming up in July and I feel like a mess. My brain feels like scrambled eggs when I dig deep and remember all that happened two years ago. I am close to the time that I went into labor and it is just a rush of memories.

The more I mediate and think and try to remember details about two years ago… the more I think ‘WOW’!! This is just amazing. We have come so far. Our lives have changed so much. My son is ALIVE!!! And I knew he would live. I knew he would survive. But at the same time, I didn’t know. I didn’t know what was going to happen. I didn’t know we were going to go through ALL that we did. I had no idea we would be here today.

I had always dreamed of how our life would be. I always had this feeling that our life would be amazing. I just had no idea, whatsoever, that it would be amazing in this way!! The opportunities that we have been given and blessed with and the trials and struggles that we have overcome and are still fighting through have been incredible. There are days I wonder how am I going to get through this day. And moments later I think …But God! How can I NOT be excited for what God WILL do?! How can I not be overjoyed for what He has already done?!

Talking to the journalist this past Monday was confirmation for what my duty as a mother and Disciple truly are. And that is tell the world…. tell whoever will hear… tell whoever will read or listen… all that God has done!! I have been given this incredible life because I can handle it. I have been given this life because I am strong enough to get through it. I have been blessed with this life because I have enough faith to get through this.

My number one job is to Give God all His Glory! My second job is to bring people to Christ through believing and seeing the miracles He has bestowed upon my son and our family and my third job is to help and encourage other moms and families.

So I am going back…. I am going back to a year ago when I was eager to share and eager to be used and helpful. My spirit was dimmed when I let the devil infiltrate my mind through evil people on this earth. I allowed hateful people to hurt me…. but not any more. I don’t care about their little peanut sized opinions of me. God’s got me. God’s got this battle. This life… my life.. is not mine at all. I belong to Him!!

To God be The Glory!


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