June 13

One of my most memorable memories…


two years ago today we were told for the final time in our pregnancy that “there’s nothing we can do” to save Matthew. I remember being in shock. My heart had been broken for 3 months already in this pregnancy but I literally felt the pain of my brokenness on this day. I could not catch my breath…

But after a few moments, as the flow of information and reality of our circumstance became “real”… the Armor of God that I received long long ago suddenly appeared before me. It had been a long time since I’ve had to go into battle for the Lord. I’ve prayed and believed and went to church twice a week. I offered myself, my family, my marriage and my children to Him and told God to use us. We are here. This is our purpose. To show the world what God can do. To speak of Him and share who He is. To worship Him…. I had no idea what God had planned for us.

This was one of the boldest things I had ever done in my life. I stood up and told this group of doctors that Our God is a Mighty God! Powerful. Faithful. Merciful. Forgiving. Comforting. Loving. HE will save Matthew. If God places a chance… no matter how small this positive percentage is, You use that chance. There IS hope. Do NOT give up on this boy. Do NOT give up on the little chance that God has given you. We have 100% FAITH that Matthew WILL survive this. I need YOU to keep going on this….

From this moment on, the fight was on. The entire pregnancy I was a mess. Matt would tell me “Faith as small as a mustard seed.” I will be honest, all I had was that seed. Until this day…. The Fight Was On!!

And here we are today… still battling this disease. Still fighting to get Matthew healthy. Except now we KNOW Matthew is also a fighter. His will to live is strong. On days when it just seems impossible because I am just so tired of fighting, he tugs at my sleeve smiling. God’s Promise to me. I know that time is precious and it is not promised, so I hope and pray that I am doing what God had assigned me to do. Give God His Glory. Raise Matthew into the preacher he will be one day…(God gave me a vision of Matthew all growed up and preaching lol) I pray that I am doing right with these kids of ours. I pray that this fight that we have been in inspires other moms to just keep going. Stay in the fight. That no matter what happens, God has been so Good. I don’t *know* what God has planned for us…. but I KNOW. And that is to be VICTORIOUS in the Name of Jesus. THIS is all that the Lord did. God gave the doctor a word… and this doctor fought for us after this day! (thats a story for another day) But it is amazing proof how the Hand of God was in this from before the beginning.

I Praise God for all that has happened. Its been the hardest two years of my life. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. (We have lost a lot in this long season of ours… health, jobs, cars, and now our home…)  But I feel so incredibly blessed to be chosen to witness and tell of this incredible story of His Amazing works. To show the world how POWERFUL God is.

Matthew was given less than 3% chance of survival two years ago today…. TO GOD BE THE  GLORY.

#MondayMotivation #StayInTheFight #YouHavePurpose #Victory

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