Trying to keep up

I am sitting here at bedside of my son who is getting his dialysis treatments. I have been thinking and thinking and trying to figure out what kind of blof i want to have.

i can write about so much and i have so much to say and i want to tell the world everything… i just dont know what i want to say. i dont know what i want the world to know. i am ready to share again. but i dont know how to say it. how to start it.

my time is spent on my kids and just catching up with everything. i have so much to share but i never ever ever have time to sit down to share and type. right now i am currently typing this from my phone. so excuse the punctuation, grammar and spelling errors. i am typing as if i am texting and i am not really good at texting.

but see… this is the only way i can update and write. so i am thinking of just continually doing this. texting/typing. it works for me.

i am thinking of making this blog a true journal. a true way for people to see and understand what goes thriugh my mind as a special needs mom, as a mom of 6, as a mom of a chronically ill son, a wife….

i think thats whats i need to do right now. so THAT is the route i will go with this.

so buckle up because this is a very bumpy ride.


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