March 20

two years ago today i took this pic. i was getting ready to go see the twins. to see Callia and Matthew (at the time his name was


I had no idea this day was going to be the day that we learned about Matthew and his diagnosis. THIS was the day that the Lord had made. This was the day that the Lord placed us on a completely different path than what we had expected and planned. This was the very first day that I ever knew a mother’s heart can really break. And to feel my heart shatter all at once, and to feel, with every word the doctor said, feel the broken pieces of my heart fall apart. Words like, blockage, bladder, kidneys, lungs, amniotic fluid and fatality were thrown at us all in one conversation.

Every moment of this day will forever be engraved in my memory. It was the day that the Lord, unbeknownst to us, set us on a journey to reveal His Glory.

Thank you all for being a part of our journey for the past two years. So many of you prayed for us and encouraged me. This was the day the Lord began the plan for so many of you to enter our life at this moment. And I will forever be grateful. ♡ #BlessedBeyondWords

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