Twister… the movie


You’ve never seen what it can do!


-I just saw it!

You’ve never seen it!
You’ve never seen it miss this house,
miss that house and come after you.

-Christ, Jo, is that
what you think it did?

You don’t know.

-Why can’t you forget it?!

You don’t understand.
You’ll never know.


-When’s it going to be enough?
How close do you have to get?!
Talk to me! Jo, things go wrong!

You can’t explain it!
You can’t predict it!
Killing yourself won’t
bring your dad back.
I’m sorry he died.
But it was a long time ago.
You’ve got to move on.
Stop living in the past and look
at what’s right in front of you.


On days like today I always seem to go back to this movie. I absolutely loved it when it first came out. I thought it was the coolest movie ever. And then I wanted to be a tornado chaser because, come on, how cool is that?! I was 16 when that movie came out!!

But this scene here… for some reason I have always remembered the most. I always thought about what she says. And then what he says when he responds… It is so profound!!

She speaks about experiences that only she has felt and only she has gone through. No one understands where she is or what she thinks. This tornado that she is talking about, was coming after her. There was no one else that it wanted to kill and destroy. It just wanted her. It could have gone after anyone in the world, but it went after her.

And I love the response that Bill gives her. “You can’t explain it! You can’t predict it!” That’s life. Bad things happen everyday. Bad things happen to everyone. But we must keep living life.

I don’t know why this movie came to mind. I just think it is so…. honest.

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