February 18. 2016

I am still trying to be a better writer. I don’t know where to start, when to start. I feel like I have so much on my plate… I am overwhelmed.

I just want to go back to writing like I used to. Before the Psycho drama I ran into last year, I was writing well. I was writing free. I felt so free to write. And now, I KNOW people are reading my thoughts, my worries, my joys and I am so stressed over who will read this and what people will say.

It is so frustrating right now because I have so much to say and so much to share … but I don’t know…

And that’s that… that is where I am at in my writing world.

I have already started writing my book… a memoir of what we have gone through these past two years. Thankfully I don’t have a contract with anyone that says I have a deadline. The time I have to write this memoir is open ended.

But writing this blog…. aaahhhhck.. lol..


ok.. thats all i got time for right now.




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