You Tube

Hey everyone.

So I decided to start a YouTube Channel for our family. It is mainly about our son and all that he is going through. Our family’s journey and my son’s road to a kidney transplant.

2016 is going to be an amazing year and I want to document everything and anything I can. It is already an amazing year and it is only January.

Our twins lives are a true MIRACLE. I recently bought a GoPro and have a camera on my laptop. I have several videos of Matthew, his sisters and the rest of the family so I will be busy uploading some videos to introduce everyone. And some time this weekend I will upload a video of myself.

I wrote in a previous post how I am NOT at all used to sharing anything about me, my family, our lives. But this year WILL BE an incredible journey. So I feel obligated to share with the world ALL THAT GOD HAS BLESSED US WITH.

No more hiding. No more being weary of WHO reads and watches. It is time we share God’s Glories and Miracles.

So here is the address for our YouTube Channel

Matthew’s Miracles


I will do my very best to add as many videos as I can.

Take Care



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