I Hold Back

I hold back a lot. I hold back on what I am thinking. I hold back on giving out all the news and updates of what is going on with our family. I have been mocked, made fun of, judged, criticized and every other word you can think of to discourage someone from sharing their life.

I want 2016 to be different. This is the year that our whole lives are going to be turned upside down, thrown in a loop and raised up to the highest of blessings. And I feel so strongly the urge to share with the world. Despite my haters… yes I have plenty of those because of one person. (lemmings…. lots of lemmings)

But so much has happened in the past two weeks… I NEED to share. I need to write down (or type) everything that is going on because this is something that will be put in the history books of our lives. So here goes…

No more holding back. No more being shy or ashamed. No more caring what people are going to think. No more.

Here it goes… my life according to me… living a life according to God’s plan.


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