Stand firm

Stand firm. That is what I need to learn to do. Stand firm in His word.

I went to church last night so desperate to feel His presence. I wanted His peace. I wanted to hear His voice. I wanted to know what to do in every situation and in every aspect of my life.

I cried out to Him. I told Him that I couldn’t do it without Him. I need Him to move forward. I need Him to give me a glimpse of the road that I am on. I am struggling with understanding why things are happening. Why I keep getting put in toxic situations and I need to confirmation on how to handle it. Am I doing this right? Did I do something wrong? I begged for forgiveness for not having the faith that it is all in God’s plan for me. I begged for forgiveness for tipping to the wayside. I begged for Him. Help me speak to Him in spirit.

And He answered. I was at His feet and He was giving me words only He knew to say.

He said…

I am going to be going through this walk… through a journey… traveling to places that no one in this church has ever ventured. i will be walking on a path that no one has ever been on.

He also said…

the Lord has been fighting along with me this entire time. He has been here with me. He has been by my side, fighting my battles with me. And now, now He is going to stand firm in front of me. He is now going to fight my battles for me. i dont have to fight anymore. I dont have to endure any more. HE is here. HE has got this. HE will be fighting my battles for now on.


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